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Thread: Hit & Run rules on TTG

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    Hit & Run rules on TTG

    I have looked over the site's FAQ/Rules and asked around, but still have not been able to get a precise answer.
    Could someone help me out? It would be much appreciated. PM me or post here, thanks!

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    As far as I know, there is no HnR rule implemented on all torrents which aren't marked as Hit and Run (H & R in a black rectangle under the title of torrents)

    In my humble opinion, TTG's hit n run rules are stated clear enough. Just write down which HnR rules that you have not understood. But let me brief them.
    - After 60 days since uploaded, all HnR torrents will become normal which means no HnR. (if you download before its HnR time expires, you will be under HnR rules) If you download that torrents after 60 days since the time it was uploaded, you don't need to care about HnR.
    - Each time you have a HnR, your HP will be deducted by 1.
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