I have found an excellent app to stream over video for vr or standard depending on you player on your mobile device but there is one flaw that prevents me from being able to share to my mobile device. The file name. So, being that if I change the name file to a tracker, will there be a problem in the future for see and reseed?

I have turned to this app because there just was no other player that would allow me to stream the file. All other files were streaming fine but this one video was just not working at all for vr. I am now using Vrange VR player which plays files in standard view as well, and smooth. Coming from Go VR Player -3D 360 Cardboard to Vrange VR for homegroup is a game changer because I access my videos a lot quicker in both selecting and stream. You should try it out!

The downside has me asking about shortening the filename because just shortening the filename without having to make a copy to stream will save me time and storage space. I already tried shortening the filename on two files to which one I am not sure if I lost connect-ability or if it was just like that i.e. private open trackers not working because the file comes from another tracker that is an open tracker.

Your support will be useful.