Hello to all.X Manager Services are improved services for clients who need to get uploaded files in fast time, video creating in fast time, uploading videos to youtube, metacafe, and more sites.Here is all services that i offer

  • Video uploading
  • Video Creating(NEW!)
  • Script Installing
  • Downloading and reuploading to another services
  • Script Helping
  • Server Helping
  • Server Management
  • Other services(please contact me before)

The new feature is i improve ordering and supporting.You can now visit http://sales.x-manager.info and open ticket of the service that you want. That is more better, if im not on MSN you can open ticket and i will take a look in shortly time

Just click Open New Ticket,and then fill form.

Mail: admin@x-manager.info
MSN: msn@x-manager.info

For any questions please ask here, msn me or pm me, or open ticket.

Thank you,