Now i understand that this is a strange proposition and a strange request, but I would really like to use the TV anywhere service for my personal computer.

I'd be willing to offer amazing deals on this so contact without fear.

Anyone who is in the UK , who is willing to offer me an account, or even willing to get me one for TV anywhere please don't hesitate to contact.

I will pay you handsomely for your efforts.

I need a genuine account please that could stream TV channels through my computer.

If you are from UK, you probably have understood, there are two ways you could do this:

1. You could let me register my computer if you have Virgin Media TV connection, for which I will pay you pretty well for as long as I need the connection.

2. You could buy a virgin media TV anywhere deal for your home, and I will cover those expenses (installation full) (monthly -negotiable) and then you can watch the TV from your home whenever you want, and I will use the online version of the Virgin Media.

Thanks for reading.