Since our great donors are helping to monetarily sustain TI and thus ensuring that it remains the lively and strong community we have come to love, we have decided to make the VIP section even more active by rewarding both Giveaways and fulfilled requests with REPS.
And everything has been raised:
More REPS than ever, higher standards of quality, etc. Our beloved VIP Section will soon be going through its own series of "facelifts", all to benefit our wonderful Donors/VIP members!

For every accepted GA in the VIP Section, you will get AT LEAST 200 REPS. Depending on your thread's quality, you could potentially get UP TO 2000 REPS.

When you send the invite/bonus points/account info, tag me on the thread (@TheTrader) and i will add the REPS to your account.

Please use common sense and don't start threads offering low level invites in the VIP GA Section!

Also keep in mind that you will get
AT LEAST 200 REPS for every request you fulfill in the VIP Section. In some cases (for very good trackers, for instance) we will give you UP TO 2000 REPS.