Many guys are asking me why user Marius is banned.

I have to say that he is not banned permanently. He is banned for 5 days.
I warned him in the past MANY times for braking the rules. He was opening multiple threads per section and he was asking from other users to bump his threads.

He ignored me and he didn't stop it.
Then i banned him for 3 days and he stopped it for a while...

The last 1-2 weeks he started again. He was asking from MANY guys to bump his threads, so he got banned again for 5 days.
This is his last chance to follow the rules.
Next time he will get banned permanently.

I opened this thread, because it's not fair for Marius, the rest guys to think he is a a scammer.
He didn't scam anybody and i really think he is a trusted guy.
But this is not enough.
We like trusted guys, but we also like TI users to respect the rules.