I got the opportunity to test a seedbox from the awesome seedbox company https://giga-rapid.com/, I’d like to say thank you for this.

My plan was the GigaSeedbox Gold product, which costs monthly as few as €15.95. It had 4 TB HDD (out of this, usable was 3725GB) with 15TB bandwidth. The connection is 1Gbps Full Duplex, based in the Netherlands; they put min. 5, max. 9-10 users on a server. At this box, there were 2 users on an HDD. All of their boxes got Intel Xeon CPU. If you choose using their seedbox, you can access your files by HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, SFTP, and WebDAV. You can also install 60+ applications; you can use Mobile and Desktop apps to access your client. With this plan, I also had access to OpenVPN and Rclone Mount, which are fantastic perks of this plan. You can find other properties of my box (and of other boxes too) here: https://giga-rapid.com/gigaseedbox.php

I noticed very fast that I have never seen such a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use dashboard like theirs. I could easily access every little information regarding the box, including all information about my server's status (such as uptime, CPU, RAM, Network, Disk usage, as well as CPU Temp. etc.), my Bandwidth usage (today’s and this month’s, detailed). Also, from the dashboard, I was able to install all the 60+ applications with one click. However, I'll not show any screenshots about the dashboard for security reasons. Sorry guys, you need to purchase a slot to check it out.

I didn't test their support service as everything was very smooth, and I hadn't anything to ask/report, but I am sure if I had done it, they would have answered very shortly. You can get support via the regular, well-known support ticket or using Discord.
I only tested ruTorrent; the majority of users are using this client anyway. There was no point in testing other clients as well.
Let's talk a bit about speeds as well. I was honestly surprised at their outstanding speeds. I didn't expect that much from this seedbox, given the number of users/server & the fact that it's only a 1 Gbps network. I won't tell you anything about the avg speed as it does not matter (it can vary very much based on the trackers you use). The maximum speed I got was: at download, a bit above 100 MiB/s, while at upload, around 40-45 MiB/s. These are perfect speeds at a shared seedbox, and I can't complain about this at all! You can check the screenshots below.

What I really enjoyed was their Plex service. I did use this function at other seedbox companies as well, I always loved it. I was very happy to find out it’s available (& it’s working very smoothly) at GigaRapid too.

Overall, this is a very good seedbox I'd recommend to anyone needing a box. The cost of this box is meager, given what this company offers. Try it out now, while they have available slots! Click here and order your box: https://giga-rapid.com/gigaseedbox.php.
I think I said enough about this box. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread, or you can PM me as well.

You can find my screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/ywBL9Ok