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Thread: Feral SSD box

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    Feral SSD box

    Using feral ssd from a few days my plan is Neon 15GBP you can see the other ssd plans from the link below

    they have the best wiki for the record it is not a click and install provider everything should be done using ssh you can have a look at their wiki if you face any problem you can always put a ticket support is nice

    you can install rtorrent+rutorrent and deluge at the beginning easily the rutorrent is pretty stable it wont hang

    The real use of feral ssd well what can i say you can autodl every freeleeh torrents from any sites and you can literally race(download and upload faster)
    with many dedicated server users and still win by a mile you can ratios worth many tbs in a single day 1 month of autodl earns you a lifetime of ratio only if you set autoremove plugin correctly space is the big issue here you can see some of my torrents here

    i have a few noisy neighbours but still they are decent ratios for freeleech made 10tb in 2 days

    overall my rating for ferall ssd

    Easy of use : 7
    speed: 10
    peering: 9
    support: 9
    value for money: 9

    you can ask me reviews of any other providers i used all of them except chmuranet .
    for the record feral hdd sucks

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    I was on a similar SSD slot as yours. Lately, they have been going offline a lot. And earlier this month, they had an outage that lasted 3 days. They do not respond to to tickets anymore, and I just got my slot/account deleted for no reason. And I can't get them to issue a refund. I would stay far away from Feral.

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