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Thread: A detailed review about SEEDBOXES.CC

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    A detailed review about SEEDBOXES.CC

    You all know that this site is connected to a seedbox provider, I used their Batbox Plan for two months and I am gonna write a detailed review here.
    Well, honestly saying, I got a mixed feedback using this box. This is not the best box of course in this price range. You won't be able to call it bad by any means too!

    Purchasing this box is easy like others, you are gonna sign up, pay, ta-da!

    Box overview:
    The box is cool. You get all the useful applications, a well optimized seedbucket, FTP, SFTP/SSH, HTTP access.
    They have Rtorrent, deluge, transmission.
    This did hurt me. Will talk bout it later.
    Well, here's the game. They have multiple servers and I have used only two.
    1. The first one was Dragon. It was a total disappointment. I got 10+ TiB UL in one month. But in the hardest trackers, I got only 3 TiB. Other 7 TiB was on some shit trackers which I wouldn't count.
    Upload: All the time I felt the speed is capped somehow. It was never satisfactory. Average 2-5 MBps and the highest was somewhat like 60MBps. But I got a glimpse of 180 MBps once. Then I again felt it got capped. In Rtorrent the speed is capped at 319 MBps, but I never reached that speed.
    Download: Download speed was amazing. I got 20-100 on good peering.

    2.The second server was Siren. It actually blew my mind. The server was good at first. I was getting 150 MBps upload multiple times and 20-60 MBps average upload on deluge. Download speed was satisfactory as well. But in 3-4 days after shifting to Rtorrent for rss, it went down, it got tired, my box was like running at 1 MBps, living it's last days, waiting for death. I reset my box. It worked. But in a few days, it was again the same. I reset my box again. This way I reset my box multiple times. Then I turned of rss shifted to deluge permanently And Got a satisfactory result overall. Ig it was for Rtorrent.

    I got 5+ TiB ul on some hard trackers in like 14 days.

    Which is obviously better than dragon but still isn't a pretty good amount. This box has huge potential, It could easily beat all the boxes of this range. But, there's a but, describing it below on the points.Now I am gonna discuss about some biggest cons. But before that let's talk bout something.

    There are two kinds of people.
    1. Media consumer. They buy seedbox and their point is, they are giving money in one place to get all the media instead of paying different OTT platforms. They want a decent box with good features. This box is heaven for them.

    2. Mad torrenters. They race. Upload first, fill requests, Make PiB upload counts and all the stuffs. In this case this box gonna hurt your feeling.

    I belong to somewhat on the second type. So, from my POV:

    people can ask now, Can I race with this box?
    Well, the answer isn't easy.

    The most important part of this review:
    When I was on dragon, I used to be at last of the peerlist. Couldn't make even 1:1 ratio with good peering. Sad thing even some low budget box like pulsed media was playing far better than my box. When they made 4:1 ratio, my box was 0.7:1.

    And with siren, most of the time I was at the top of the peerlist with deluge. It was like charm. Easily made 2:1 ratio.

    But still I would say, you can't race with this box.
    Here're some points:
    1. You can't tune this box(deluge). They capped permissions.
    2. You can't install qbittorent. Which is the biggest pain. They don't have it by default, you can't install via ssh.
    3. Default client rtorrent is a trash. If you get 400 MiB ul on Rtorrent, you are gonna get 1000 on deluge. Still you can't tune deluge.
    4. The price is high. You can get a lot of a bit cheaper choices where you can install qbittorent, tune deluge and and stuffs.

    So they have some disgusting boundaries. Which did upset me.

    Pros of this box
    1. Unlimited traffics
    2. Huge collection of applications
    3. Nice and easy ui, easy control.
    4. Can restart the box.
    5.FTP, SSH access.
    6. Have nice support

    You are gonna get reply in 30 min - 24 hrs. Stuffs are good, helping.Most of the time I got fast reply. But sometimes it was disappointment. My rss got flooded, I opened multiple ticket, didn't get reply on time, It'd been a massacre.

    So you can't expect instant support everytime, be careful.

    So if you tell me to rate this box, I'll give it an overall 7/10.

    Lastly, this is a good choice if someone is trying to get a long term box with great features.

    -Do I recommend this box?
    - If you are a media consumer, looking for a decent box to consume media as well as survive on the trackers, then of course. You are not gonna regret.
    But if you are a racer, it depends on something, the server you get, and your luck. Hope they remove the caps and make it more free to use. Whatever happened, I loved siren.

    And, they have other huge boxes too, and they are gonna definitely perform better.
    this review was about their cheapest box. Maybe they don't have any cap on upper end boxes.
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