ALAN Longmuir from the Bay City Rollers has died at the age of 70.

But, what was his cause of death, what do we know about the rocker and what was his net worth? Let's find out...

Who was Alan Longmuir?
Alan Longmuir was born at Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion Hospital, Edinburgh, on June 20, 1948 - making him 70.

He played bass guitar for the Bay City Rollers, but was replaced in 1976 at the height of the band's popularity.

Alan returned to the group in 1978 and switched between bass guitar, rhythm guitar and keyboard.

Bay City Rollers were one of the most popular bands of the 1970s and reached number one in the UK charts with hits including Bye, Bye Baby and Give a Little Love.

What was Alan Longmuir's cause of death?
Alan passed away following a short illness on July 2, 2018, surrounded by his loved-ones.

He flew home from Mexico around two weeks ago suffering ill health before his condition deteriorated.

Liam Rudden, director of stage show I Ran With The Gang: The Story of Alan Longmuir, said: “Having worked closely with Alan for the last seven years I am devastated by the news he has left us.

“Alan was one of the most gentle, generous and kind-hearted people I have ever known.

"He touched the lives of everyone he met with a smile that made them feel special, insisting that despite his amazing adventures in life he was still just 'a plumber from Edinburgh'."

What was Alan Longmuir's net worth?
Despite his fame, Alan didn't amass much of a fortune.

His exact net worth isn't known.

In 2008, it was revealed that he was working as a plumber as he fought a 20-year legal battle for money he and his fellow Rollers say they are owed from their time in the spotlight.

He told the Scotsman: "Aye, a million pounds, that'd be nice, but I wouldn't mind if it was more.

"I'm not being greedy but I think it would be nice to have something to show for it all.

"Everything's gone. I used to have gold discs, clothes, guitars but it's all away.

"I keep hearing about things being sold on eBay and I think 'was that mine and how did it end up there?'."

In 2016 the Scotsman reported that "won less than £70,000 each in an out-of-court settlement" over unpaid royalties from Arista.

Who were Bay City Rollers?
The Bay City Rollers were a band from Scotland.

The line-up has changed many times but the classic formation was guitarists Eric Faulkner and Stuart John Wood, singer Les McKeown, bassist Alan Longmuir and drummer Derek Longmuir.

The band's first two albums Rollin' and Once Upon a Star hit No1 in the UK Album Charts.

They also had ten hit singles in the Top Ten in the UK Singles Charts hitting humber one with Bye, Bye, Baby and Give a Little Love.