Aussie singer Shannon Noll has unleashed an angry tirade on an audience member after being hit by a beer can during a performance at a regional racetrack last night.

Noll challenged the man to come up on stage to fight, before offering $100 to a member of the crowd to "punch that f--k for me".

Noll was performing at The Duck Creek Picnic Races, a country race meet 583km north-west of Sydney.

In video of the incident captured from the crowd, Noll ignores the opening refrains of 'The Horses' as he tries to identify the person who threw the can from the crowd.

Noll settles on a man about 15m from the stage, telling him, "I'll punch your f--king teeth down your throat."

"Whoever threw that, come up here. Have the balls to come up here and I'll meet you over there.

"Have some f--king balls to come up here instead of throwing something from there."

Noll then asks the crowd for support in forcing the man to the stage, "Hey who says he should come up? Shame that prick. Shame that motherf--ker right there."

After more than a minute of Noll's rant backed by the song Daryl Braithwaite made famous, Noll tells the crowd, "I'll give someone $100 to punch that f--k for me."

Noll finally launches into the song but is hit by another beer can before the end of the first verse.

The 41-year-old father-of-three was in the headlines last year for being filmed shirtless and pouring a drink into a woman's mouth, while shouting, "Shoey for Shanno."

Weeks earlier, Noll banned himself from drinking after his shows after he was king hit and kicked on the ground outside an Adelaide strip club. Noll was later arrested and charged over the assault of a bouncer over the incident.

Noll first hit fame as the runner-up to Guy Sebastian in the first season of Australian Idol where he was known for his ‘flavour-saver’ soul patch beneath his bottom lip.

Last night Noll was performing in the town of Nyngan, inside the Bogan Shire of NSW and home to just over 2000 people.

The town is known for The Big Bogan, a statue erected in 2015 of a man with a southern cross tattoo in a singlet and small shorts holding a fish.