The synth-pop anthem fits snugly into the nostalgic aesthetic of 'Simulation Theory'

Muse have recorded a studio version of their cover of Duran Duran’s 1982 hit ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’.

The rock titans performed the cover for the French music show Taratata back in September, while promoting their new album ‘Simulation Theory‘. After bootleg recordings of their rendition emerged, now the band have shared a studio version for the ‘Spotify Singles’ series.

The synth-pop of Duran Duran’s mammoth 1980s hit song fits snugly with the nostalgic aesthetic of ‘Simulation Theory’, especially the Terry Crews-starring new ‘Back To The Future’ themed video for ‘Pressure‘.

Muse shot straight to Number One in the UK albums chart with ‘Simulation Theory’. Six of Muse’s eight studio albums have now gone to Number One in the UK, according to the Official Charts Company.

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In a four star review, NME described the record as “a retreat from the real world and into a ‘Tron’-style pastiche of their own adolescence.”

The band have also been looking to the future. When asked what the band will be doing in 15 years time, drummer Don Howard said: “We’ll see. We plan to stick around and carry on. I think we’ve always admired the bands that can do that, like The Cure or U2 or The Stones.”

“Any of those bands that stick together, that’s the hardest thing, to stay together. If we do that when we’ll still make music.”

The same interview saw the group confirming rumours that they’ll be releasing a box set of their most acclaimed early records in the near future too.