FRASER A. Gorman chewed the scenery on Slow Gum and returns with a considered, impressive second record, Easy Dazy. He fills us in on some very personal information.

Real name? Fraser Alexander Gorman

Guilty pleasure? Probably playing Call Of Duty World At War, Itís been a long time though..

Where is home? Alphington, Victoria

Career Plan B? Iím a musician and carpenter, Iím not sure which one is plan A.

Biggest bugbear? I like being punctual, and punctual people

Earliest Memory? Going to creche/preschool and hating every minute of it

Your Best Quality? Cheeky

And your Worst? Vague

5 Dream dinner party guests? Cass McCombs, Jeff Tweedy, Bob Dylan, Sharon Van Etten (Thatís only four, letís assume Jakob Dylan is the fifth - Edís Note)

5 Desert Island discs?

Neil Young - Live At Massey Hall
Townes Van Zandt - Live at the Old Quarter
Tim Rogers & The Twin Set - What Rhymes with Cars and Girls
The Band - The Last Waltz
Bob Dylan - Self Portrait

Advice to teenage self? Party = less

What did you have for breakfast today? A crumpet, banana, mandarin, muesli ar & a coffee

Top of your bucket list? Play a show at Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado

Biggest inspiration? The music of Bob Dylan

Secret crush? I donít really keep secrets ...but Gabriella Pound (Carlton AFLW) is awesome.

Secret skill? home haircuts

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Age creeping in...

Starstruck moment? I got a bit star struck when I met Gabriella Pound for the first time.

Career highlight? Making records two records with close friends

Favourite tipple? India Pale Ale


Song that always makes you shake your rump and nearly split your pants and why?

Young Americans by David Bowie is a seriously deep jam

Song that is a hidden gem that not many people know about but everyone should know?

Devil Never Sleeps Alone by Iron & Wine is the best boogie rockíníroll song since Chuck Berry

Song that you would gladly listen to 5 times in a row if you were stuck in an elevator for half an hour and you had to think calm thoughts?

Everythingís F--ked by The Dirty Three. One of the greatest songs of all time in my book

Song to prepare you for battle, fire you the f--k up and make you feel like you were armed to teeth and why?

I reckon battle would be really scary no matter what song, but maybe Riff Raff by AC/DC

Song to get someone you rather fancy in the mood for luuuuuuurve. And any stories about when this has happened. Haha (gwaaarn).

Riding for the Feeling by Bill Callahan. I know thatís a weird choice but I just feel like that song is truly beautiful in every way. I guess Iím a weirdo. Bye

Finally, how did you develop your creative vision?

I donít think I ever sat down and developed a creative vision. I think Iím more of an instinctual person, and work more off feelings and emotions than plans and math. I donít think great art is usually planned out. But what do I know? Iím just figuring it all out like the rest of us

Love Fraser.