GOOD Lord. It’s Johnny Mackay’s ever-ascending project, Fascinator.

He has a new record out, Water Sign, and it’s a slippery, silky adventure.

Let’s take you on one of those now:

Real name?
...unpronounceable by human tongues.

Guilty pleasure?
Psychotherapy...which I use to relieve guilt

Where is home?
Brooklyn currently

Career Plan B?
Game show host, celebrity haberdasher

Biggest Bug Bear?
People licking towels

Earliest Memory?
Evolving from an amoeba

Your Best Quality?
My ability to amuse myself

And your Worst?
My ability to amuse only myself.

5 Dream dinner party guests?
Alejandro Jodorowsky

Nina Hagen

Fela Kuti

Warren Ellis

Leigh Bowery

5 Desert Island discs?
Eden Ahbez - Eden’s Island
Between - And The Waters Opened

Dirty Three - Horse Stories
Ethiopiques Vol. 4
The Sound of Music OST

Advice to teenage self?
Invest in commemorative coins and collect spoons from everywhere you visit

What did you have for breakfast today?

Top of your bucket list?
A thumb tack

Biggest inspiration?

Secret crush?

Secret skill?
I invented the noodle beard

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Human puddle

Starstruck moment?
I once met Mike Myers and all we could talk about was the fact we both have rather large heads. I saw him out again not long after and he had no idea who I was

Career highlight?
Playing a show in the staff toilet at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. That and my manager calling me “Lord F--khead”. S--t I need to get out more

Childish Gambino or Kendrick Lamar?
Both important!

Lorde or Flume?
Well my name isn’t ‘Flum Fascinator’ is it?

Gyoza or Gozleme?
Apples and oranges! Chalk and cheese!

The New Yorker or The Guardian?
Both, but not until I’ve finished The Herald Sun and TV Hits

Boxer shorts or Commando?
Arnold Schwarzenegger was brilliant in Boxer Shorts
Favourite tipple?
Used to be godfathers, now it’s margaritas. I’m clearly regressing

How did you develop your creative vision?
S--t I living life? Loving and losing, staring death in the eye and giving it a lil kiss on the cheek then realising simultaneously that I know nothing but we’re all the gods of our own reality. That kind of stuff.