AS the frontman of award-winning Australian rock band Gang of Youths, David Le’aupepe has inspired thousands around the world with his visceral and passionate songs about wrestling with his demons.

He has again bared his soul with an emotional post paying tribute to his friends, family and fans on the anniversary of his attempt to take his life four years ago.

Le’aupepe also addressed the ongoing challenges to his mental health posed by a life devoted to rock’n’roll.

His Instagram post, which signalled he is taking time out from social media to be “devoted to other things” coincided with the third anniversary of the release of fan favourite single Magnolia, which addressed his suicide attempt.

“4 years ago, I tried to kill myself. There was this moment, where the belief that there would never be anything more than the s … and piss in everything overwhelmed me for a moment, and I made a decision to make it all stop for good,” he wrote.

“On that day, even though I believed I was s … and piss, my friends didn’t. My friends saved my life, and they continue to do so every day.”

Le’aupepe, who has spoken at length about living with depression and anxiety, said he continues to battle with thoughts of being unworthy of his success even as the band conquers American and European audiences with sold-out shows.

The acclaimed rocker, who is revered as one of the most charismatic performers on the live stage, told fans he often suffers sleepless nights of worry instead of elation after a gig.

“ … every day can still be hard and weird. my job leaves me depleted and often sleepless, ridden with anxiety and worry. often, I am not worthy of the platform onto which I’ve stumbled. often I feel like letting the dark swallow me up,” he wrote.

But the brutally honest songwriter credited the love and unwavering support of his wife Cort Bray, friends, family and fans for getting him out of bed every day.

There are days I roll over and look at my wife and wonder why she bothers sticking around — but she does, she has, and miraculously she continues to do so,” he wrote.

“So every year, I think back to June 3rd, 2014. the day where my friends let me know that I am not s … and piss.

“I am reminded that my wife, the band, my loved ones, my family and you who care about what we do in GOY have given me more reasons to get up out of bed than I could enumerate.”

Gang of Youths recently announced their Say Yes To Life homecoming tour for November, with ticket demand so high, nine concerts sold out in record time last week.

The band, whose second record Go Farther In Lightness won the ARIA Album of the Year, added extra shows around the country and will now play a phenomenal five shows each in Sydney and Melbourne.

Le’aupepe signed off his Instagram post on Monday by encouraging his fans to look after each other and maintain resilience in the face of their demons.

“So thank you all for helping save me, little by little, day by day. Look after each other, say sorry to each other, forgive each other, talk to each other. Let the world know you will not yield, and that your spirit will not kneel today,” he said.

“I’m not gonna be on social media much from now on, because I am pathetically devoted to my phone these days, and I wanna be devoted to other things, in the world outside, hope that’s OK.

“Anyways. I love you. I’ll keep trying my best to do right by you all, and I will try to do better when I f … up.

“I am glad I am still here.”

The Say Yes To Life tour kicks off at the Fremantle Arts Centre on November 1 with tickets on sale now via

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