BEYONCE fans lost their minds when a video of the undisputed pop queen and her twin babies flashed on-screen during her On the Run II tour.

But despite what it seems fans were led to believe, the babies in the clip were not her children Sir and Rumi Carter, Beyonce’s rep told BuzzFeed.
Since the birth of Rumi, a girl, and Sir, a boy, last June, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have kept them largely out of the public eye.

So when they kicked off their anticipated On the Run II tour in Wales last night, their second tour together, a video intro showing Beyonce with two babies sent Twitter into meltdown with the world’s media assuming it was the twins.

However a rep for the star said “It’s not (the twins).”

Now fans are confused as to whether Beyonce and her hubby tried to fool everyone or if the two babies were just a creative prop in the video.

The pair are yet to respond.

The On the Run II tour is the second co-headlining tour by Beyonce and Jay-Z, to promote

their sixth and thirteenth studio albums, released respectively, Lemonade and 4:44.
Beyonce announced she was pregnant with twins in February last year, with her Instagram photo breaking the world record for being the most liked image at the time.

Queen Bey and Jay-Z had their first child, daughter Blue Ivy, in January 2012.