Beyoncé will be releasing visual album on Disney+ inspired by The Lion King. The legendary singer and actress was also the voice of Nala in Disney's live action version of The Lion King, which released last year and broke multiple box office records. Beyoncé's album will debuté July 31st, around the one-year anniversary of the Disney live-action film.

Naturally, anything with Beyoncé's name behind it is sure to stir up excitement and anticipation. The visual album is titled, "Black is King," and is meant to serve as a tribute to Black excellence. Disney+ dropped an intriguing teaser trailer for the album, where Beyoncé narrates the story of a young king-to-be's journey. Check out the trailer below, and remember, "You can't wear a crown with your head down."

Any sort of Beyoncé project tends to be an epic event in itself and never disappoints. It's great that, "Black is King," is going to premiere on Disney+. Not only will subscribers be in for a musical treat, but it's a promising move for such a large streaming platform is premiering a project that is a tribute and celebration of Black excellence. It's a great way to mark the one year anniversary of the live action Lion King movie, as well as a way for Disney to support the Black Lives Matter movement in a positive way.

Beyoncé's "Black is King," is set to premiere on Disney+ on July 31st. Fans can also stream the live-action The Lion King on Disney+ as well as the original animated 1994 classic. A visual album from the queen of the music world is without a doubt going to be well worth the watch.