A few days back I wrote about open-source Intel developers posting their initial GPU driver patches for Icelake "Gen 11" graphics. That first code drop was just the tip of the iceberg unlike code drops for previous generations where they published the whole stack at once. But now the developers have already moved on to publishing more of the code.

Paulo Zanoni of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center on Thursday posted the initial "ICP" code. ICP is short for the Icelake PCH, a.k.a. the Platform Controller Hub. This Ice Lake PCH support was posted for the i915 DRM driver and includes support for getting/setting the clock frequency, Panel Power Sequencing Support, backlight support, and GMBUS and GPIO support.

For those hoping these latest open-source patches would have exposed some juicy technical details on the "Gen 11" graphics capabilities, unfortunately that is not the case. Details on Icelake and the Gen 11 graphics are still light as we still await the arrival of Cannonlake processors with "Gen 10" graphics.

The ICP upbringing patches can be found on intel-gfx and will likely be merged for the Linux 4.17 cycle later this year