Google removed the direct Contacts link on Gmail when it launched the new Gmail interface some time ago. Users of the classic Gmail interface could still open contacts from the main menu; this option is being removed by Google according to a new post on the official GSuite Updates blog.

The reason? Google states it is "to create a more consistent, streamlined Google Contacts experience". It is not entirely clear what Google means by that but the most likely explanation is that it removed the Contacts link on the old Gmail Web interface because the new version of Gmail does not have it.

Gmail users who open the classic interface right now, it is still possible to go back to it by clicking on the settings icon and selecting the option displayed there, still have access to Contacts for now.


It is unclear whether the move affects only Google Suite users or if it will affect all users of the web interface.

The change affects all Gmail users. Non-G Suite customers of Google may still see the Contacts link when they activate the down arrow on the Gmail website but instead of loading the Contacts interface, Gmail displays a notification that Contacts is found under the App menu from now on.


Your Contacts are here.
Contacts, and many other Google apps, can be found under this menu.

Google notes that users may load Contacts by pointing their browsers to or by clicking on the Google app launcher icon and selecting Contacts from the list of options.

The interface that is loaded then is either the new Contacts interface, also know as Contacts Preview, or the classic Contacts Manager.

Google re-enabled access to the classic Contacts Manager for all G Suite domains because customers were unaware that they disabled access to the classic version according to Google.

Unfortunately, many customers are unaware that they previously disabled access to the classic Contacts Manager, because their users can still access the contacts feature embedded in the old Gmail UI (as it isn’t controlled by the Contacts on / off switch). In response to feedback from these customers, and so that their users can continue to access their contacts, we’ve now enabled access to the classic Contacts Manager for all G Suite domains.

Closing Words

Gmail users who try to open the Contacts interface on the web version of Google's email service receive a notification currently that the link has been moved. Google will remove the link eventually from the interface eventually.