Razerís BlackWidow Elite is the companyís top mechanical keyboard that isnít optical, and it comes packed with features. Up until recently it has been selling for about $125 at many places, but Amazonís dropped its price down to $99.99 for Black Friday. This low price offers your choice of tactile non-clicky or linear non-clicky switches.

The switches in use are not made by Cherry, but rather by Kailh. That's not bad though, as Kailh also makes excellent switches nowadays. Razer also equipped the keyboard with a neat wrist rest and a USB passthrough port for easy access.

Razer BlackWidow Elite: was $170, now $100 @ Amazon
This mechanical gaming keyboard is at its lowest price ever. It's available with Green, Orange or Yellow switches and boasts media keys, USB passthrough, RGB, a plush magnetic wrist rest, plus an aluminum frame.


The gaming keyboard includes a numpad, as well as media keys, including a volume wheel. Although the keyboard doesnít have any dedicated Macro keys, its keys can be customized to send out Macro commands through the Hypershift feature.

Similarly, the implementation of Chroma RGB lighting can also be customized individually per key, and there are heaps of effects one can implement. With the holidays coming, perhaps now's the time to start thinking in Razer green with some red mixed in.

This looks like one of the better mechanical keyboards out there. At $100, the Razer BlackWidow Elite is a great deal on a mechanical keyboard. If you pick the right switch for yourself, itís bound to make you a happy typist.