The team at Xbox has provided a video guide on steps fans can take to prepare for the next generation. The Xbox Series X|S launch day is imminent, and Microsoft is ramping up its hype train, revealing today a launch celebration stream coming on the consolesí release day and new Xbox accessories. Some lucky fans, however, have already received their Series X pre-orders ahead of the launch date, though that is far from the norm.

Looking like a miniature refrigerator - of which Microsoft ended up making a full-size version - the Xbox Series X retails for USD $499.99. Arguably the most important aspects of the next-generation systems is their use of an internal SSD, though that hasnít prevented the community from lamenting the low storage capacity that will all but mandate the use of external storage devices. With the Series X launching November 10, fans will finally be able to form their own opinions of the system to see if it lives up to the hype.

Leading into the final weekend before the Series X|S launch, Xbox debuted a video on YouTube showing 10 ways fans can get ready for the next generation. From ensuring fansí Xbox profiles are up to date to getting the Xbox Family Settings app, thereís a lot players can do to gear up for Microsoftís newest, most powerful console ever. The steps provided by Microsoft include some sensible preparations, like making sure there's enough space in players' gaming setups to actually fit the new consoles. Others may introduce fans to things they weren't even aware of, like using parental controls through the Xbox Family Settings app.

Some of the steps provided should be considered no-brainers by most dedicated gamers. Players won't be able to use the console at all without an up-to-date Xbox profile or a TV with the right input settings, for example. Other suggestions include signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which isn't strictly required, but certainly seems like a good choice for anyone wanting to take full advantage of the console's next-gen lineup.

Microsoft's encouragement to buy expandable storage is both obvious but also immensely important. Both the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 sport internal SSDs, which is a huge development for consoles. Unfortunately, game files are also increasing in size, especially for those keen on playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. While the internal SSDs will make load times close to negligible, fans will have difficulty utilizing the Series Xís quick resume feature if they donít have enough space to keep all their titles installed. Thus, external storage - ideally another high-speed SSD - is crucial to having the best experience not just on day one, but perpetually. Unfortunately, that will be an expensive endeavor for Xbox users.