Influencers and journalists have been exploring the functionality of the Xbox Series X for weeks, and they've discovered that the much-touted Quick Resume feature is even more useful than once assumed. The average player is only about a month out from having the opportunity to bring the Xbox Series X into their home. In the weeks and months leading up to the launch, Microsoft has done what it can to emphasize the strengths of its new device for what could easily be described as an imperfect launch. The delay of Halo Infinite took some wind out of everyone's sails, but the features on display in the Series X are still impressive enough to generate sales.

Instead of pushing a new Halo game, Microsoft has been emphasizing the power of the console and its ability to play a huge library of past Xbox games. Between automatic HDR on games made before the feature existed, speed improvements brought on by the system's internal SSD, and automatic delivery of next-gen updates for many games at no cost to the player, there has been plenty to talk about. Xbox players may only have a collection of older titles to try out on November 10, it will be the best version of those games ever presented in the living room.

One other new feature that's been getting a lot of attention is Quick Resume. Creators like Alanah Pearce have been covering the new feature extensively, and they've discovered a new wrinkle. Quick Resume is designed to keep game states saved on the Xbox so players can pick them up without going through a complete restart. This skips right past company logos and menus and gets into the action instantly. According to Alanah's tests, these states are saved even if a console is unplugged or restarted through a firmware update.

In her attached video, Pierce does show that the feature isn't perfect, as several games crash or refuse to load into the states that were saved. The generally reduced load times on the console could make up for any errors like this, but it gives a realistic impression of the feature. Online games could also be a problem, as any interruption between the console and the server on modern consoles requires the game to boot back to the menu. Microsoft has not specified if this problem is solved at all, but one can hope that they give developers the tools to make their games function properly with all of the console's functionality.

The focus on Quick Resume in many Xbox Series X previews may seem baffling from the outside looking in, but it's not a feature that pops until the console is in regular use. Just like upgrading a computer, moving to faster Internet speed, or watching shows on Netflix without commercials, players don't know what they're missing until they experience the new tech for themselves. After that, it will be hard to return to the stretches of downtime between active playing that tools like Quick Resume help to alleviate.

Xbox Series X/S will be available on November 10, 2020. Pre-orders are available now.