I can never be sure what’s going to come across my news desk of a morning. Mostly, that’s because nothing ever ‘comes across my desk’ in the traditional sense, but also it’s because writing about videogames tends to turn up some unexpected stories. Nothing quite prepared me, however, for the term ‘Ronda Rousey in MK11’ to show up on my to-do list.

The WWE wrestler, who is also a former Olympic bronze medalist and UFC fighter, posted a photo to Instagram yesterday announcing that she’ll be attending the reveal event for the brutal fighting game series’ eleventh outing.

That in itself isn’t too notable, but it’s added fuel to the fire of rumours that the WWE star will be appearing in the game. Unconfirmed internal emails were posted to the Mortal Kombat subreddit earlier this week. The post has since been deleted, but reports via The Nerd Mag suggest that Rousey will be part of the reveal event, which will announce her as the voice of long-term character Sonya Blade.

The character’s first appearance came in the original Mortal Kombat in 1992, and she’s appeared as a playable character in more than a dozen entries in the series since then. While Rousey and Blade bear something of a resemblance to one another, the former UFC fighter has previously said that her favourite character is Kitana.

We don’t know all that much about Mortal Kombat 11 just yet, but with a reveal event scheduled for 11:00 PT (14:00 ET, 19:00 GMT) today, we’ll likely find out plenty more later on.

What we do know, however, is that there’s a release trailer, which you can check out above, and that you’ll likely be able to revisit your favourite brutalities on April 23.