Tim Willits talks about Quake's next patch, new players, and what characters would be fun to add to id's arena FPS.

This Thursday, one of my favorite shooters is adding one of my favorite modes: instagib, the railguns-only, one-hit-kill format made popular in '90s arena FPSes like Unreal Tournament. Instagib is a great fit for Quake Champions' speedy movement. I loved the simplicity of it when I played on Champions' test server last week, seen in the clips in this article. There's plenty of intensity, but it's also an invitation to turn your brain off a little, level the playing field, and not worry about competing for powerups and pickups.

More's on the way in the March 15 update: 2v2 ranked team deathmatch, a 'no abilities' custom game mode for players who want the purest Quake possible, and some fresh, spring and Easter-themed cosmetics. I called up id studio director Tim Willits to chat about the near term changes coming to Champions, and on id's approach to making its skillful FPS accessible to newcomers without sacrificing the spirit of Quake.

PC Gamer: What's the appeal of instagib in 2018?

Tim Willits: One of the great things about instagib is itís a single shot, a single kill. Everybody can get frags. Players donít mind getting killed. What they mind is not getting frags. They want to get their kills. And one of the fun things about Quake Champions is that we have active abilities for all the champions. On its surface, you may say, ďWell, thatís not going to be fair [in instagib].Ē Galena can throw out a totem and it can kill somebody. Keel can throw a grenade and it can kill somebody. But thatís actually the really fun part of it. Weíve played instagib without abilities and it wasnít as much fun. You have these abilities that really add a lot of fun, over the top excitement to a really simple game mode. You spawn in, you get the rail, you run around and shoot.

And I know when you say everyone has a rail and itís one shot one kill, it makes people worried. "Well, Iím not very good. That may be too much for me." But the exact opposite is true, because everybody can click the button and shoot. You will hit somebody, and especially with the abilities. Like Keel. Just throw some grenades out and hit somebody and youíll kill them. Itís actually a ton of fun.

How do you continue to make Quake Champions welcoming for newcomers while keeping its DNA as a high-skill game in tact?

Your question is the big question. Thatís the thing weíre most focused on. Because yes, youíre right. The wide range of players that games need to appeal to today is very vast Ö When we first announced the game, that we were going to have abilities, and people were freaking outóbut everyone was like, ďYep, this is good, weíre happy with this, we can see this, we understand the meta.Ē We have the hardcore Quake players. One of the reasons that weíre still in Early Access is weíre working on ways to help everybody else into the game. And of course a game mode where you can jump in and run around and shoot people [instagib] is a step in that direction. Thatís not the whole step. Doing things like some spawn protection, some help system stuff, thatís there. But we are working on aófor lack of a better description, a new player experience. Itís still kind of early. Weíre still kind of figuring out exactly what that is, so I donít want to get into it too much.

But we understand that if weíre to be successful, we need to make Quake as inviting as it can to new people. Because once you fall in love with Quake youíll love it forever. But to get over that initial barrier, sometimes itís challenging. Weíre working hard to make it as easy as possible. Thatís, like I saidóthe game modes that are easier to play, changes to the champions and balancing them to make them more accessibleófor instance, we added an acceleration to some of the champions that can get you up to top speed without having to strafe jump. Now, the pros already strafe jump, and they never knew that we added it. But the people that canít strafe jump as well can still get up to that speed. Theyíre like, ďWhoa, this is nice, this feels good, this feels like I can compete.Ē Itís game modes. Itís systems like that. And then we are working on something that can help feed people in that we hope to finish and that would be a great way to exit out of early access.

One way of doing that might be getting more Bethesda characters into Champions. You've got B.J. Blazkowicz in there. Who's next?

We are in a very unique position in the Bethesda family to leverage some of the greatest IP in the video game industry today. We do have things planned. I donít want to announce anything. But weíre very fortunate to have some really cool characters from all the games that we work with. And the great thing is, the other studios and the other teams have been really supportive and encouraging.

Itís really been kind of fun, in the Bethesda family, to talk to the guys about which champion we should get in, and their active abilities. Everyone has some cool ideas. ďOh, it would be fun if this guy did that. It would be fun if she did this!Ē So yes, look forward to it. Weíre really excited. And we still have a lot of great champions that exist in the Quake franchise that will soon be making their way into the game as well.

Completely unrelated: who owns Commander Keen in 2018?

Ah, thatís us. Thatís still id Software. Weíve actually talked a lot about Keen and what his active ability would be. Who would you like to see? In the whole Bethesda family, who would you like to see and what should their active ability be?

...The Dragonborn?

With dragon shout. Oh, yeah. People would die if we put that in. For me, Corvo and Emily are good characters because they already have so many different abilities. It would be hard to pick which one would work well. But we have Nyx already. Emily has her Blink, which is really cool. Itís tough to figure out. But yeah, there are some cool characters that we have in the Bethesda family.

Will Quake Champions leave Early Access this year?

Probably? Again, I honestly donít know, because I want to make sure everything is as good as it can be. Remember, we leave Early Access and everyone jumps in the pool. We want to make sure that when people jump in the pool, the pool is correct. Itís hard to say. But thatís definitely what Iím targeting.