Warframe developer Digital Extremes has lifted the veil on the next couple of frames coming to the game – first up are Hildryn and Wisp. The team also ran down plenty of details about what’s coming in the new year with a flexible roadmap of what’s coming in 2019. That includes the Gas City rework, an expanded version of Railjack, and a hint of what the big autumn update will look like.

Hildryn got the biggest spotlight in the new devstream. She’s an exceedingly muscular frame focused on shield power – her shield serves as the energy pool. Abilities include some team buffs, though we didn’t get any details on exactly how those powers will work. She’s also going to be the first frame to come with a signature weapon that isn’t a primary, secondary, or melee.

We also get a look at the second frame in development, called Wisp – though we don’t have any details on her beyond a bit of concept art. A third frame is also currently in the works, but there’s no art, name, or hints at all on that one just yet.

TennoCon is set to kick off on July 6, 2019. Ahead of that, there’s plenty on the way. There’s one called Deck 12 – Exploiter, which is a Vallis expansion with a boss and a “lore bomb.” The Gas City rework, currently referred to as ‘Amalgams,’ is coming along, and will feature new rewards and enemy types to make sure it’s more than just a coat of paint.

There’s also Wolf of Saturn Six, which will serve as a transformation of alerts and challenges in the game, focused on cosmetic rewards. The New War will be the big cinematic quest for the year. Around summer, we’ll also see Empyrean – which is the overall name for the Railjack-style content we’ve seen so far.

Autumn will see the release of Plains of Duviri, though we’ll again be waiting a good while to get more details on that – aside from the teaser image below. As you’d expect, this will bring a new tileset and faction to contend with.

Oh, and Warframes are getting renamed to “Javelines.” That’s probably a joke at the expense of Anthem’s Javelins, and not a real thing that’s happening. Probably. (It definitely is a joke, but “all in good fun” as the devs say.)