After a quick glimpse at Hildryn in the last dev stream, Digital Extremes has given us a much better look at Warframe’s latest addition this time around, including what to expect from her abilities – on top of details on what to expect from the broader melee rework. She’s got a special gimmick in that her shield pool doubles as her energy pool, so you’ll need to pay cautious attention to your resources here.

You’ll still be able to grab energy pick-ups, but they won’t just increase the pool – they’ll also remove the shield recharge delay. Her passive puts shield gating on both base shields and overshields, and her dash will even summon additional shields for you as you dodge attacks. Yes, it’s a lot of shields.

Hildryn’s first ability is Balefire, which summons an energy launcher that charges up for an impressive blast. Then there’s Shield Pillage, which sends out a pulls that steals enemy shields and armour and gives them to you – both you and your allies are cleared of status effects besides.

Then her third ability, Haven, drains shields from enemies while dealing damage to them. At the same time, it recharges allied shields and gives bonus shields while they’re in range.

Finally, Aegis Storm turns Hildryn into an attack helicopter. Literally, she sprouts helicopter blades and can fly around. Enemies below get struck by a pillar of energy – it does more damage when you’re high in the air, but the area of effect is wider when you’re close to the ground.

The dev stream above shows plenty more of Hildryn in action, starting at around 26:30. The video also gives a brief look at Wisp – though we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see what her abilities entail.