Some kind of Terminator crossover event is happening in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint this week, starting January 29. The details are fairly slim on the ground, but the trailer above confirms with typical coyness that a Terminator live event is definitely upon us.

If history is any indication, it's likely the Terminator live event will resemble the Predator live event which hit Ghost Recon: Wildlands in late 2017. That limited event had players hunt the Predator - who was reportedly a bastard to take down - either solo or with friends.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was a bit of a stinker at launch, with our review citing "poorly stapled-on mechanics and a general lack of polish". Updates may fix that: there's a big one rolling out late January which improves AI behavior (for example, they won't keep rushing the player if a bunch of their allies have been killed in the same area). Oh, and "enemies will no longer shout in pain after being shot in the head".

There's a vague roadmap too: a "new immersive experience" drops in February, and 'Episode 2' starts at the end of March.