Supercharge Your Network - Aquantia Multi-Gig Ethernet Adapters for Gamers Now Available

Aquantia, a leader in Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, is pumping new life into networked gaming. Today the company announced the availability of a special gamer edition AQtion AQN-107 Ethernet adapter, available exclusively on Amazon for an introductory price of $89.99. The AQN-107 10Gigabit adapter takes high-speed Multi-Gig networking to the next level, and the gamer edition provides exclusive access to new Aquantia gaming prioritization software. The AQtion AQN-107 gamer edition hardware is clad in classic black and comes with both full-height and half-height powder coated black brackets for the gamer who wants a beautiful, fragging machine.

LK Bhupathi, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Aquantia:
"We listened to feedback from the gaming community - they want easy access to high-performance Multi-Gig Ethernet hardware at competitive price points. Amazon provides us with the customer-focused approach that gamers and PC enthusiasts demand. Aquantia decided to kick off our Amazon presence with a special gaming edition of our 10G AQtion Ethernet Adapter combined with the beta version of Aquantia's prioritization software so users can tightly control latency and lag."
According to Jon Peddie Research's most recent worldwide report on pre-built and DIY gaming focused PCs - including upgrades and accessories - the market exceeded $30 billion for the first time in 2017. At the same time sales of PC games made up 28% of the overall global games market value of $116 billion. Selecting Amazon to reach this potentially lucrative market in North America was a simple choice. Amazon is responsible for 44% of all US e-commerce sales - or about 4% of all US retail sales. The most sales on Amazon - more than $8 billion - are created through the company's consumer electronics division, which includes PCs and computer components.

The combination of the gamer edition AQN-107 with the new Aquantia software will allow gamers to prioritize gameplay over other LAN activity. The reduction in lag and latency provides the reaction time advantage which can mean the difference between living on to play more and a "Game Over" situation. Twitch streamers, in particular, will benefit from dynamically controlling both the upload and download speeds through the prioritization interface.

About the Gamer Edition AQtion AQN-107

The Gamer Edition AQtion AQN-107 in classic black supports 10GBASE-T Ethernet in compliance with the IEEE 802.3an standard. It is also backward compatible with legacy cabling and Ethernet standards and supports 5GBASE-T and 2.5GBASE-T Ethernet per the IEEE 802.3bz standard. By supporting PCI Express x4 with a single RJ45 port, AQtion NICs can easily upgrade most existing tower PCs, supplanting outdated Gigabit Ethernet. It also fully utilizes the bandwidth capabilities of the latest CPUs and GPUs. Go here to learn more about the gamer edition of the AQtion AQN-107.