Stardew Valley’s update 1.5 will add splitscreen multiplayer for co-op, along with a host of other changes. Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone has been tweeting about the next big update for a while now, teasing players with hints about what it would contain but promising that it will bring significant additions to the game.

As Barone adds new content to Stardew Valley, he’s also at work on two new games. While he hasn’t said precisely what these two new games will be, he has said that they will both tie into Stardew Valley somehow, but they’re not farming games. That likely means that whatever comes next won’t be a sequel to Stardew Valley, and Barone has also said that he isn’t trying to replicate the runaway success of Stardew Valley with his next game. Given all that, fans waiting for a Stardew Valley sequel may want to set their expectations accordingly and take a look at the game’s recent and upcoming updates instead.

In a recent post on Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe’s Twitter account, Barone made the surprise announcement that the game’s 1.5 update will be adding splitscreen co-op. This new feature will be available on PC and consoles. On PC, the game will support up to four players, but Barone says that some consoles may only be able to support two. Stardew Valley already supports online multiplayer, but splitscreen will add a whole new way to play with friends.

Just as ConcernedApe has been busy making updates to Stardew Valley, fans of the game have been expanding what it offers using mods. Some add content that seems like a natural extension of the base game, like the Stardew Valley Expanded mod, which adds new NPCs and other features similar to what the game already offers. Others take a much different approach, like the Murdercrows mod, which turns Stardew Valley into a tower defense game. These mods can give the game a whole new life by adding features that never would have made it into an official release, but they may change its character a bit too much for some players.

For anyone who doesn’t want to mess with mods - or plays Stardew Valley on a platform that doesn’t support them - there’s still new content coming up. ConcernedApe still isn’t saying when Stardew Valley 1.5 is coming, but whenever it arrives, it will be bringing new content that looks like it could totally revitalize the game.