Straight from today’s Apple Special Event comes a reveal from thatgamecompany (the creators of the award-winning Journey) that their next video game is on the way and is titled Sky. The title will be released exclusively on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – it remains to be seen whether the title will eventually appear on other consoles or platforms.

thatgamecompany only offered a cryptic description of the game, seemingly in line with the trailer, that reads: “Hold hands with your loved ones as you fly together through a desolate sky kingdom, where generosity and compassion is key to lighting your path.”

“We’re trying to build a world like a theme park,” studio President and Creative Director Jenova Chen said of the title, which will incorporate online multiplayer. “And you can come experience a little bit of that and you can also spend a whole half day just exploring everything in a traditional video game format. The key is that we want to make it a constantly-evolving space so things you experience before might change and there might be new places that open.”

You can check out the reveal trailer for the title, and a Q&A with Chen and Geoff Keighley in the players below.