Sega is kicking off its 60th birthday bash in style by offering fans massive deals and free retro-inspired mini games on Steam. The company announced it is putting on a 60-day-long extravaganza to celebrate the anniversary of its founding back in 1960 filled with treats for its fans. Today, Sega revealed several free, retro experiences that fans will find inside the company’s goody bags.

This is not the first free content that Sega has offered gamers in celebration of its 60th anniversary. Just last week, Steam began offering Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for free. The game was originally released for the Sega Genesis in 1992 and introduced a playable Miles "Tails" Prower, making the game an important part of the franchise’s history. However, Sonic may not feature too heavily in the coming months because the Blue Blur will be celebrating his own anniversary next year, for which Sega may have some big plans.

As for the company's 60th anniversary this year, Sega sent out a tweet earlier today showing off some fun things coming to Steam soon, including a look at four free mini games inspired by Sega’s development past. Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype, Streets of Kamurocho, Armor of Heroes, and Endless Zone are all short, blast from the past experiences that have unique ties to the long-lived game company.

Some, like Golden Axed, will give players a chance to jump into a level of planned 2.5D reboots that never saw the light of day after Sega Studios Australia closed its doors in 2013. Sega calls this out in the Steam description for Golden Axed calling the free offering, “a glimpse of what could have been, just for the fans!” Others are original experiences, like the Yakuza-Streets of Rage crossover, Streets of Kamurocho. Starting tomorrow, fans will be able to download one of these four titles daily until October 19. The retro games are only available until Monday, which leaves fans a very short window of time to claim this offer. In addition to these free mini games, Steam also has a large variety of Sega games on sale right now, with discounts up to 95 percent on some titles.

Sega’s 60 days of celebration is starting off strong and it is hard to tell if the company can keep the momentum up for so long. There have been rumors about Sega looking into more possible mini consoles, including a mini Dreamcast, for the future, which would be a fun announcement. There has also been speculation about a new Sonic title which sparked after the official Sonic the Hedgehog account tweeted out an enigmatic picture recently. But for now, any gamer looking to pick up a Sega title should probably head over to Steam.