Rainbow Six: Siege will be coming to Google Stadia as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when both consoles launch later this year. Rainbow Six: Siege has just entered it's fifth year, and the title is still going very strong. Ubisoft Montreal still has new operators, game modes, and other forms of content that are being added to the game.

Rainbow Six: Siege is an online shooter that rewards strategic play and cooperation between teammates. Gameplay is structured around players being either an attacker or defender as they complete game modes such as hostage situations, defusing bombs, or taking capture points. Rainbow Six: Siege had very poor sales at launch, but over time the player count has grown to over 50 million. After several post launch updates, some critics have considered the game to be one of the best multiplayer shooters for modern consoles.

During the game's world championship finals, Ubisoft Montreal revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege will release on Stadia, PS5, and Xbox Series X. More than that though the company has stated that there will be cross platform play between current and next gen consoles. Currently there is no word on when exactly the next gen version of Siege will launch, as the consoles don't have release dates yet. Ubisoft Montreal has stated that it plans to have the game available at launch.

This opens up a lot of questions moving forward. One of the most important questions is whether players will be able to play their current copies of Rainbow Six: Siege on the next gen consoles. It could potentially be a huge turn off for players if they have to purchase a brand new copy of a five year old title. Even if they don't have to purchase a new copy, many players may be worried if their progress will be retained from one console to another. Also when it comes to cross platform play, will players be able to play against those on other console brands? While it will be nice to play on a PS5 against a PS4 user, several players will also like the opportunity to play against their friends who own an Xbox.

Rainbow Six: Siege has surprised many with it's ability to so effectively cling to it's player base. There are very few games in recent memory that manage to continue growing over a five year period. The move to next gen consoles will most likely keep the game in the limelight for a while longer, as long as Ubisoft Montreal can do this in a way that keeps fans wanting to play Rainbow Six: Siege.

Rainbow Six: Siege can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.