Quantum Error, TeamKill Media's upcoming PlayStation 5 title, will be a new game reminiscent of old titles like Doom 3 and Dead Space. The first-person shooter will blend sci-fi horror with familiar action and puzzle game elements, and is planned to capitalize on the PlayStation 5's improved graphic capabilities and overall higher quality specs to deliver a visually stunning and mechanically satisfying game.

Not much is known yet about Quantum Error's plot. It's being called a "cosmic horror" game. Similar to Dead Space and Doom 3, it takes place in a futuristic space world and, based on the trailer, will feature otherworldly monsters and isolated settings. Quantum Error is just one of a select few confirmed PlayStation 5 titles. However, it is not yet certain if the game will be a launch title released along with the PlayStation 5 video game console later this year during the 2020 holiday season.

In an interview with GamingBolt, the developers behind the game revealed TeamKill Media's inspiration behind Quantum Error. They want to evoke the basic shooter mechanics of Doom 3 and Dead Space, while adding in puzzles that utilize the player character's fire-fighting skills and knowledge. The horror elements will mainly be found in the game's overall atmosphere, instead of relying on jump scares.

TeamKill Media likely hopes that comparing Quantum Error to these hits will drum up excitement and anticipation for the game's eventual release. Despite a lingering belief in some developers that linear storytelling games aren't popular anymore, it's clear the TeamKill wants to prove that wrong. Fans were hoping for a follow up to Dead Space 3 until Visceral Games was shut down, and the recent successful release of Doom Eternal proves the long-lasting popularity of these linear first-person shooter games.

As a horror-action game, Quantum Error has a lot to live up to. Dead Space and its sequels set a new standard for action/horror games, putting the player in a frightening science-fiction setting and adding gameplay elements which constantly kept the player in a state of high tension. It was also highly praised for its combat, which combined horrific alien enemies with suitably gory graphics. The Doom series is equally as well known for its action, and paved the way for the future success of first person shooters. It's bold for TeamKill Media to compare Quantum Error to these two beloved franchises. Hopefully, it can live up to expectations and deliver a suitably genre-defining PlayStation 5 game.