New leaked information suggests the PlayStation 5 video game console may come in two separate versions. Although scheduled to be released sometime during the holiday season of 2020 barring any interruptions in development due to the current spread of the coronavirus, very little has been revealed about Sony's new console so far, save for some specifics regarding the new PS5 controllers and the news that Ubisoft's popular multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be playable at launch.

Sony has previously stated the reveal timeline for the PS5 will mirror that of their past console generation unveilings, meaning fans should be getting more information about the next PlayStation console very soon. Players already know that multiple AAA video game development companies have been in possession of PS5 dev kits for months, and one of those companies, Counterplay Games, is already teasing footage of their PS5 title Godfall.

Now, according to new rumors and supposedly leaked information from NeoGAF players now know that Sony is allegedly working on two different PlayStation 5 console versions for the next generation of their popular video game system. The information claims the lower-end version of the PS5 will have nine teraflops, while the other, more expensive one will likely have twelve or more in order to compete with the Xbox Series X, which will also twelve teraflops.

According to the leaker, who goes by the NeoGAF user name VFXVeteran, the reason both companies are launching two different versions of their new gaming machines are "so that these consoles can run the entire 7yr cycle." No dates are given as to when the models will be released, but the user goes on to say that "My guess is they are going to release both models at the same time," and that the price on the high-end versions of the PlayStation 5 console could be "around $600."

Players will have to wait for an official announcement from Sony before they will know for certain whether these new rumors are true or not, but they are intriguing. A cheaper model console which still offers next generation graphics at an affordable price could be a tantalizing option for PlayStation fans who don't have an extra six or seven hundred dollars lying around to drop on a new gaming system. As February draws to a close and there is still no release date or specifications for the PlayStation 5 and little information to go on regarding when such announcements will be revealed, players are surely trying to grab hold of any small bits of loose information about the next generation of video gaming that they can.