Paradox Interactive will unveil a new grand strategy game at PDXCON in Octoberóbut it won't be Victoria 3.

In a teaser video released today, Paradox didn't hint at whether the game will be the start of a new series or a continuation of an existing one, such as Crusader Kings.

It might well be the secret game that Martin Anward, formerly director of Stellaris, announced he was moving onto in December. A lot of fans were hoping he was working on Victoria 3: that could still be the case, but the Paradox team said whatever it reveals in October won't be the next game in the 19th century-themed series.

Whatever it is, we're excited to play it. Paradox's latest grand strategy Imperator: Rome, released last month, is brilliant, and you can read Fraser's review here.

PDXCON takes place on October 19 and 20 in Berlin. What would you like to see Paradox announce?