The new PlayStation VR title Paper Beast by Pixel Reef is unique and memorable. Paper Beast sometimes feels like an odd combination of video game and surrealist painting, and manages to create connections between the player and the creatures that populate its landscape. The combination of world shaping powers, complicated puzzles, and exploring an alien world make for an incredible experience in VR.

There are no clear objectives in Paper Beast, and the story of this surreal game is mostly left up to the player's interpretation. Simply put, the player is tasked with navigating a desert world populated by origami creatures. In order to make their way through each area players must use the abilities of friendly creatures in order to solve environmental puzzles. The protagonist is a stand in for the player and as such is entirely silent throughout Paper Beast. Instead of lengthy exposition, the game tells its story through the connections that the character makes with the paper animals that help them along the way.

The titular paper beasts are the stars of the show, and are the primary way to solve puzzles in Paper Beast. Most of the game's puzzles are environmental in nature, and the player must use the innate skills of different animals to progress. For example, there is an early segment where players are stuck in a cave that has been blocked by a mound of sand. By picking up a mop-like creature players can clear the sand out of the way in order to continue to the next area. Another interesting creature is a turtle that can eject sand out of its shell, and by leading it around the environment with food players can create platforms to climb on.

The puzzles are never too difficult, but do require players to think outside the box in order to solve them. Anytime that players are presented with a puzzle, all the tools to solve it are always close by. Since the game also prioritizes experimentation, players will be forced to play around with Paper Beast's physics and mechanics to learn new ways to explore. It is confusing at first to solve puzzles without any concrete objectives, but as players grow used to game mechanics they will begin to understand what Paper Beast expects of them next.

Paper Beast's controls are very tight, and the biggest concern with the game is the comfort of VR. Paper Beast only has snap turning as an option, so it has the potential to make players disoriented. Luckily, the game has a point and click teleportation system for movement and its a smooth way to navigate the environment. Players who have issues with motion sickness may keep in mind that Paper Beast can be dizzying.

Players will be able to make it through Paper Beast's main story in just a few hours, but luckily there is a fun sandbox mode that gives an fun spin on the game mechanics. In this mode players will get to play god and terraform the environment using different tools and assets. These tools range from creating water and sand, raising plants and creatures, and even causing sandstorms. This also makes for a great incentive to play back through the main story, as there are special collectibles that will unlock new creatures and tools to experiment with during the sandbox mode.

Paper Beast is one of the more unique VR games available for the PlayStation 4. Its puzzle mechanics and simple story are effective and fit perfectly with VR. While the game is short, the connections made with the Paper Beast's creature and world will have players thinking about it for days to come. If PlayStation 4 owners have access to a VR headset, Paper Beast is a must play.

Paper Beast is available for PlayStation VR.