Players whoíve pre-ordered Overkillís The Walking Dead on PlayStation 4 have recently been getting emails saying the game has been cancelled. The gameís console release was indefinitely delayed last month, so it didnít look great then, and these emails have come alongside Starbreezeís 2018 fiscal report Ė as you might expect, they financials donít look great.

Dismal sales for Overkillís The Walking Dead led to half-price Starter Edition release just a month after launch, and judging by the player count reported on Steam Charts, things donít seem to be improving. In the companyís fourth quarter financial report, Walking Dead earned roughly $3.7 million USD. As notes, Payday 2 brought in $2.2 million for the same period, despite having released a half-decade earlier.

The companyís report makes no mention of The Walking Dead in regards to its future plans, and the cancellation emails Ė noted by TrueAchievements Ė hint that itís not looking good for the game. Starbreeze has made no official announcement about the cancellation, and the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The last official update for Walking Dead hit on February 13. Thatís not that long ago, but there are still quite a few episodes of previously announced updates to put out. Whether those see the light of day is now in question.

Things have not been looking good at the company. In December, Starbreezeís CEO resigned as the company filed for reconstruction, and just a few days later the studio was raided over suspicions of insider trading, which led to an arrest.

In the financial report, Starbreeze points to Payday as one recognisable brand that can help keep it afloat. Whether the company believes The Walking Dead is worth continued support remains to be seen.