A new video showcasing twelve minutes of DOOM Eternal multiplayer gameplay has been revealed, and it looks like fast, frantic fun. Described to players last year as "the ultimate power fantasy" and acting as a sequel to the events of the well-received 2016 series reboot DOOM, DOOM Eternal was delayed until March of 2020 in order to make sure the game was up to id Software's standards.

DOOM Eternal's most recent trailer was unveiled only a few weeks ago, introducing players to new enemies like the Marauder and the Gladiator as well as bringing to light new weapons used by the Doomslayer like the Crucible, a glowing red sword which is said to absorb huge amounts of demonic energy, its effectiveness demonstrated by the Doomslayer using it to slice through enemy limbs like a hot knife through butter. While fans will have to wait until next month to find out all of the hidden surprises and secrets in store for them in DOOM Eternal's single-player mode, thanks to a new video players now have a much better idea of the game's multiplayer component.

Thanks to a new video posted to YouTube by IGN, players can study over twelve minutes of new DOOM Eternal gameplay footage. Featuring three players in an asymmetrical deathmatch, DOOM Eternal's multiplayer is called Battlemode and tasks one player as the Doomslayer facing off against two others who play demons. The Doomslayer is a completely upgraded and kitted out version of the character, which Game Director Hugo Martin says made balancing the enemies much easier. The full video is embedded below:

According to Martin, there are multiple "pro strategies" players can employ in order to get the lead on their opponents, and while it may be easier for the Doomslayer to eliminate the demon characters one-on-one, a proper team working together has a number of different possible ways to overpower the former Marine. This is best exemplified in the fact that, unless both player demons are dead at the same time, one will shortly be resurrected as long as the other is still alive. The demons also have the ability to block the Doomslayer from receiving loot after glory kills, something which could lead to the player running out of ammo or health in a time of crisis.

Although it doesn't seem like the game will sport a traditional deathmatch multiplayer mode, surely something which will disappoint some fans, it's clear in the video above how much time and effort has gone in towards making DOOM Eternal's asymmetrical multiplayer Battlemode be both fun and engaging for players on either team. The game's delay has only increased fan excitement, and players will soon know whether DOOM Eternal was worth the wait when it arrives next month.