Respawn has banned more than 16,000 Apex Legends cheaters since the battle royale game launched on February 5, it said in a Reddit post yesterday.

It didn't break that figure down by platform, so we don't know how many of those cheaters are on PC. I haven't run into any obvious cheaters yet, but clearly they existóand Respawn is encouraging more players to flag up anything suspicious.

"If you run into a cheater, please try and capture the evidence and let us know here," it said. "Even if you donít get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account."

Clearly it'd be easier if you could report players directly in the game, and it sounds like that feature may be arriving at some point. "We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. Iíll just say thatís a very good idea," the community manager that wrote the post said.

The post also announced that another patch to improve performance, stability and quality of life would arrive next week and that, as of Tuesday next week, Respawn will post daily updates on the Apex Legends subreddit to keep fans informed of what's happening with the battle royale.