Itís becoming clearer and clearer that the third Watch Dogs title will take the hacking-focused open world series to London. A new rumour that began on 4Chan has at least some accurate information in it, and as with hints weíve seen already, it says Watch Dogs 3 is set in the United Kingdomís capital.

According to the anonymous imageboard post, Watch Dogs 3 features a new character, and players can decide to be male or female. It claims Watch Dogs 3 uses more small arms and knives in combat, but overall has a heavier emphasis on hacking.

The post also says that Watch Dogs 3 is due out this year, which contradicts speculation that the game is being developed for next-gen consoles Ė that would put the release date for Watch Dogs 3 in 2020 at the earliest.

The post is of questionable provenance. While Kotakuís Jason Schreier seemed to indicate that he can confirm a London setting for Watch Dogs 3, he said the claims the post makes about the next Assassinís Creed game are false.

Itís not clear exactly how much of the postís claims about Watch Dogs 3 are reliable, either.

As Schreier says, Ubisoft hasnít been subtle about their Watch Dogs 3. The companyís digital assisstant, Sam, blurted out confirmation of the game a while back, and an alternate ending added to Watch Dogs 2 pointed directly at London for the follow-up.

The question that remains is, when is it coming out? Weíll have to wait until Ubisoftís ready to share more to find out. Or at least until DedSec finds out.