Snoop Dogg celebrated his birthday earlier this week, and Microsoft sent over an authentic Xbox Series X-style refrigerator to celebrate. Upon the reveal of Microsoft's next-generation hardware, gamers were understandably confused by its unorthodox design. Not knowing that it would actually be the most conventional of the next-gen hardware designs releasing in November, players compared the next-gen Xbox's monolithic shape to a refrigerator. The memes flew but eventually subsided once there were more potent targets, and it didn't hurt that Microsoft was happy to joke along with the community regarding its upcoming console.

As for the D.O. Double G., Snoop is a noted video game enthusiast in addition to his many other ventures. He is a regular at gaming conventions, including a notable appearance alongside Wiz Khalifa and Zac Efron for the reveal of Battlefield 1 at EA Play. Snoop Dogg has appeared in several games as a guest character, ranging from ruling over his own stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to providing premium DLC narration in Call of Duty: Ghosts. During his Snoop Lion period, he even released his own rhythm-infused fighting game entitled Way of the Dogg.

Finally, two powerhouses of video gaming as big as Xbox and Snoopzilla have officially come together. Twitter deal master Wario64 captured the since-deleted video from the rapper's Instagram page, depicting a tour of the Xbox Series X fridge in all its glory. The outside looks immediately authentic with its glowing Xbox logo and inset disc tray. Once DJ Snoopadelic opens up the treasure trove, the fun really begins. On the top shelf is an actual Xbox Series X console sitting alongside a cake shaped like the console itself. The message on the cake wishes a happy birthday to the "Xbox OG."

The rest of the fridge is stocked with what one might expect the star of Netflix's Coach Snoop to keep on chill. There is plenty of gin and orange juice for his favorite mixed drink as well as Xbox-themed bling surrounding the cake and console combination. The fridge is also packed with what appears to be bacon and eggs, which leads one to conclude that Snoop Dogg is a lover of breakfast foods. The minute-long video closes things out with Snoop staring into the camera and stating that "it's in the game" while wearing more Xbox bling. This phrase is known to be a motto of EA Sports and not Xbox, but Snoop can be forgiven for not keeping the games industry's countless slogans entirely straight.

The pairing of a Snoop Dogg celebration and the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X is a win for everyone. Snoop gets an assumedly one of a kind addition to any gaming room, Xbox gets free marketing via the power of social media, and Xbox fans everywhere get to revel in the best mixture of music and video games since Usher wished them a happy Easter. In only a few short weeks, players will be able to get their own scale models of Snoop's new fridge, and they'll play the latest and greatest in video games as a bonus.

Xbox Series X|S will hit store shelves on November 10.