The Xbox Series X dashboard has been revealed by Microsoft in a New Xbox Experience trailer. As the next generation’s November launch date nears, Microsoft’s upcoming system continues to be the subject of rumors, leaks, and official reveals, but these new details about next-gen UI and a united Xbox ecosystem are solid.

Since Halo Infinite will no longer be launching alongside the console due to fan backlash, Microsoft appears to be repeating mistakes similar to their handling of the Xbox One’s launch in 2013. Attempting to keep fans excited for its next-generation system, Microsoft has redoubled its PR efforts by continuing to highlight the Xbox Series X’s hardware specifications and output potential, even going so far as to reinforce the perceived beauty of the device’s aesthetics. Regardless, the company’s smokescreen has been ineffective with fans, who continue lamenting their displeasure with Halo Infinite’s delay, despite criticism about the game’s presentation at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Continuing to keep fans on board, Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X dashboard in a New Xbox Experience trailer. The dashboard appears almost identical to that of the Xbox One, though, with what appears to be dynamic backgrounds with animated wallpapers. The console’s developers discuss enhanced features on the Series X, such as a 15% quicker boot time and integration with players’ phones to share screenshots, chats, and video recordings of gameplay. Allegedly, the creators were able to implement these improvements using 40% less console memory compared to the Xbox One, and are committed to making the Xbox ecosystem come to life.

Animated wallpapers – assuming that is what the video was showcasing about 19 seconds in – will be a fun addition to Xbox’s dashboard, breathing some life into an otherwise static and bland interface. Whereas Sony’s PlayStation 4 at least offers some audio ambiance – which is rather soothing, almost meditative - with its UI and dashboard, the Xbox One’s interface is silent and boring. If Microsoft and its subsidiary, Xbox Game Studios, can improve this shortcoming by implementing animated backgrounds and wallpapers, they’ll take another step towards being competitive with the next generation.

Xbox Game Studios has committed to becoming far more competitive with the Xbox Series X, despite Phil Spencer’s claims that he’s unconcerned about the PS5 outselling the Xbox Series X. Promising more first-party exclusives, even more backwards compatibility, Project xCloud to play on multiple devices on the go, and Smart Delivery, the company seems to be doing everything in its limited power to make up for the poor marketing decisions that hurt the Xbox One. While the company has hit some bumps in the road, the biggest of which is Halo Infinite’s delay, it has at least attempted to fulfill its promises by delivering expansive features across the coveted Xbox ecosystem.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to launch in November 2020.