Microsoft is continuing preparations for the Xbox Series X/S release date by revealing a new UI for the next-generation consoles and the Xbox One. The next-generation systems’ Quick Resume feature was demonstrated in early September by the Xbox team, giving players an idea of how quickly they can switch between different games. Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and S went live on September 22, 2020.

The Xbox Series X and S will also feature a Smart Delivery system, where players can purchase a game on Xbox One and have access to the next-generation version. The appropriate version of the game will automatically activate depending on whether players are using an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft has also announced it will be offering free cloud saves without the need for an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Continuing the leadup to the next generation, Microsoft has revealed a new UI for the Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One. The UI’s overall layout hasn’t changed significantly, though, users will notice different “tile shape[s], fonts, and focus indicator across the experience.” Moreover, the update introduces new profile themes, including themes from titles produced by Xbox Game Studios and three themes celebrating “the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X and S.” Quality of life improvements have also been implemented, such as a new sign-in prompt when activating the Xbox if users don’t sign in with their controller or automatically upon powering up their console. Finally, the update introduces support for four new languages: Hungarian, Greek, Slovak, and Czech.

Xbox updates are always a source of excitement and angst, as fans become enthralled with new features but nervous about what the update(s) may break. There was an infamous bug in an Xbox One update in 2018 in which users would experience their internet connection not being detected by their console. The issue was most frequently experienced on the Xbox One S and the solution was to hard reset the console by holding down the power button on the device until it shut off. Luckily, another update resolved that problem before the Xbox One X launched, but it was still an inconvenient and irritating glitch.

Hopefully, today’s UI update does not introduce anything as frustrating as the bugged Wi-Fi adapter from two years ago. Surely, there will be some minor issues users notice for a while, but Microsoft has been decent about listening to the feedback of Xbox Insiders the past couple of years. Their commitment to their fans must have something to do with customer relations, which coincides with their push to improve the overall Xbox brand.

The Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10, 2020.