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Thread: Metro Exodus - new 4K footage

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    Metro Exodus - new 4K footage

    E3 is raging on, and one major contender for the best looking game of the show is Metro Exodus. We’ve got the new in-game footage you need to understand why.

    The Metro series has always featured fantastic visuals with moody lighting, but Metro Exodus impresses in particular thanks to one of its most significant new hooks: the fact it more frequently takes things out from the tunnels under a Moscow ravaged by nuclear war and brings you above ground into the sprawling, freezing landscape above.

    There’s day and night and a wide open area, turning the tense battle for survival into something subtly different – in tunnels, it’s claustrophobic as ever with strong potential for trouser-ripping jump scares, but up above you have to worry about line of sight and consider your ammunition more carefully – ammo is limited, but out in the open it’s far more likely you’ll encounter enemies at a greater range – one where it’s far more difficult to sneak up on them and slip a knife into their neck. As such, everything changes.

    As I say in the video footage above, one of the things I like most about the new focus on outdoors action is how the entire mood and colour palette of the game tends to shift and change as you move from inside to outside. The lack of working electricity often means the indoors is lit with the orange hue of an open flame, while outdoors – in the daytime, at least – features a searing sun that bounces off the unspoiled snow. At night, things can potentially get even more dangerous outside than down in the lawless tunnels. It’s cool stuff.

    Take a look at the footage for yourself below, and stick with us on VG247, since we’ll have a more in-depth hands-on with Metro Exodus pretty shortly here. Metro Exodus releases on February 22, 2019.
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    Whoa man! this look awesome, thanks for sharing @Xanadu

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    seriously so amazed, can't wait for the release.
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