The rumored remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy has leaked once again as the game was reportedly rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. The Korean rating board has the game listed by its reported title Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Despite this, EA states that a remaster is not currently in the works.

Rumors have been flying around for years that EA and BioWare have been working on remastering all three Mass Effect games. Both companies have continued to push against these rumors, as both state that BioWare is working on newer IP instead. Several leaks have come out in the last several months stating that the remastered version of the classic sci-fi franchise would be coming out sometime this year despite the denial of its creators. The most recent leak came just last month with sources close to its development stating that the remaster was being pushed to 2021.

According to Gematsu, though, it seems that the rating board of Korea has already published its rating of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This board operates similarly to the ESRB in the United States, which means that teh board would have received a copy of the game early to ensure what audience it was suitable for. The ratings board posted the review of Mass Effect Legendary Edition in late September, which would put it right on track to release early next year.

Many have wondered if BioWare would release a remastered trilogy of Mass Effect as a show of goodwill toward its fans. Over the last several years, the studio has lost a lot of faith due to the disastrous launches of both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, with the latter in particular being panned critically and received poorly by gamers around the world. On top of this, BioWare also found itself at the forefront of the crunch crisis last year, and has been struggling to fix those problems since.

All of BioWare's previous issues have put the studio in a precarious situation with its fans. It was once widely beloved for its beautifully crafted worlds and top-tier storytelling, but more recently has been plagued by the controversy surrounding its last few titles. Many feel that remaking three of its most beloved games of all time would be a great first step to bringing BioWare back to its former glory. If Mass Effect Legendary Edition is actually on its way soon, it could go a long way toward that goal.