It's been quite some time since anything related to James Cameron's blockbuster movie Avatar released. While the film was a massive deal when it first hit theatres, setting top-grossing records that were just recently beat by Avengers: Endgame, the property has only dabbled in video games. However, it turns out a big Avatar project is still in the works.

Massive Entertainment, the developer behind The Division 2, has reconfirmed that a video game adaptation of Avatar is still being worked on, but didn't touch on any additional details. The Avatar game was originally announced back in 2017, with little to nothing being revealed about it since then. It isn't clear how far along the project is in its development or when fans can expect a release date.

While it's been quite some time since anything solid about the game was revealed, Ubisoft, technically, is still operating on its initial timeline. The publisher stated that Avatar wouldn't be out until after 2020 back around the time it was first revealed. That leaves a pretty wide window for when the game will actually release. Given that it's had at least three years of development time now, there's a good chance that a trailer may drop around E3, but there's really no telling.

There are quite a few Avatar movies planned between 2021-2027, with James Cameron having some pretty ambitious plans for the franchise, apparently. Avatar became a renowned film thanks to its use of CGI to create a convincing world, which, admittedly, holds up far better than some of the other CGI-heavy movies of the time do.

It will be interesting to see what the Avatar game actually looks like whenever it finally releases. There's now a pretty good chance that the game will make its debut on next-gen hardware, though that may be what Ubisoft, and James Cameron, want for the franchise. For now, Massive has its hands full with The Division 2's Warlords of New York expansion, but it seems like there are some pretty big things on the horizon for the developer.

Hopefully, the Avatar game is successful at convincingly transporting players to an alien planet. There are lots of places that Ubisoft and Massive could take the game, but only time will tell if it's worth the investment.

Avatar is currently in development.