For Honor will be making its way to next-gen consoles and profile progress will be shared between generations. The third-person action game has kept a relatively loyal fan base in the past few years. Content updates have slowed down in recent years, with For Honor currently releasing two heroes a year and far less unique content than it was at the beginning. That doesn't mean development has halted beyond the new heroes, though. Combat continues to be tweaked in new patches, and in-game events are held to bring players back.

Each in-game event within For Honor generally promises new weapons and special effects for all the heroes in the game. The quality of the weapons in the events has continued to improve as attention is taken away from cranking out new heroes. Players spend a lot of time collecting equipment for their characters, all of which ends up as a style option or as gear to equip on their heroes. For Honor was released in 2017, so there has been a load of items to collect since the original launch.

Loyal For Honor players have been waiting for official answers on the future of the game, and now there is some real confirmation. Today, the For Honor team at Ubisoft released a news update that outlines its plans for the next generation of consoles. All For Honor fans who have played for the last few years can rest easy knowing that there will be sharing across generations. For Honor will be compatible with next-gen consoles, and anyone who owns For Honor on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will automatically be able to share their inventory and purchases with the next-gen counterparts.

The major graphical enhancements coming to For Honor on next-gen consoles include improved water reflections, detail distance, shadow resolution, texture filtering, and new resolution options such as 4K. According to the post, those improvements are available now for the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. Starting in December, they'll also receive a 60 fps upgrade. Fans may have been hoping for a full next-gen version of For Honor, but Ubisoft's plan for the game seems like a good middle ground, offering limited upgrades to the experience, but offering them for free.

For Honor has continued to hold on to a loyal player base because the gameplay is truly unique. It's hard to find the same experience anywhere else. The combat is fun and there is plenty in the game to grind for. It's a good sign that the developers are interested in carrying over support of the game to next-gen consoles, and it's even better that the transition process was made so simple. Whether or not that means a For Honor sequel will happen has yet to be seen.

For Honor is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S at launch.