In GOG.COMís latest sale, you can safely assume at least one game you need made the list.

Whatís the best excuse for hosting a massive games sale? Simple Ė when each and every game is guaranteed to be desired by fans. Thatís the entire rationale behind GOG.COMís ďMost WantedĒ sale, which compiles over 150 of the most popular wishlist items and slashes their prices by up to 85%.

While this is certainly a great excuse to pick up games you missed, it also offers a peak into GOGís most-desired games. It turns out the most popular wishlist items are still The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its various expansions. Coming in a close second is Planescape: Torment, followed by the equally-beloved Baldurís Gate 2. These games are now discounted at 60%, 67%, and 75% respectively.

Of course, GOG.COM hasnít limited its sale to those top-three games. (Or to RPGs, for that matter!) You can pick up heavily-discounted classics like Freespace 2 and Deus Ex, indie hits like Superhot and Xenonauts, or relatively recent games like Divinity: Original Sin 2. And while weíre at it, please let me recommend Vampire: The Masquerade Ė Bloodlines which deserves some love at 75% off.

GOG.COMís Most Wanted sale is live now, and runs until April 23, 2018.