Fans of the Gears of War series have been waiting for more news on the upcoming Gears 5 for some time. E3 2019 has been on hand, though, and the Xbox press conference revealed a new trailer that talked secretively about being bound by blood. What's more, The Coalition also confirmed the game's release date.

Gears 5 may drop a couple of words from the franchise's moniker, but Xbox gamers are hoping that it will be a strong return to form for the property. First revealed at E3 2018 with a cinematic and gameplay trailer, since then developer The Coalition has dropped a fair few details about the game, such as new villain The Warden and a new enemy called Swarm Leeches.

As such, a lot was expected for E3 2019. The Coalition didn't disappoint when it came to the Xbox press conference at the event, showing off Gears 5 via a new cinematic trailer that cryptically combines friend and foe alike. What's more, The Coalition also confirmed the game's release date of September 10. The video in question can be seen as follows.

That wasn't the only thing showcased by The Coalition as part of the Xbox press conference however. Another trailer was also shown off for the new Escape multiplayer game mode. Escape pits a team against hordes of enemies in a new cooperative mode, although a cinematic was only on hand to show off what it may entail as below.

From what we can glean, however, it looks as though individual players will have their own skills in order to keep clear of enemies. As well as this, there will be some kind of level editing functionality, which might give Escape a whole new element when it comes to the community.

All in all, Gears 5 seems to be shaping up well. That said, a greater look at the game in action would certainly have been appreciated, particularly given that a release date of September 10 has been confirmed. After all, that's not long away now, and Gears of War fans will be itching to get to grips with the game in action. Hopefully more news will not be far away.