The PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 started off with the trailer for a much-wanted sequel. Rebellion kicked off the event with a cinematic trailer for Evil Genius 2, the sequel to the world domination sim that released all the way back in 2004.

Rebellion has had a varied history as a game developer. The studio has covered everything from Alien vs. Predator through to the Sniper Elite series, grabbing plenty of fans along the way. Rebellion has also had strong ties to 2000 AD, developing games based on the likes of Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper.

Up next, Rebellion is doing something very different, however. The studio has held the rights to Evil Genius since back in 2006, but had not done much with the property - aside from a free-to-play mobile game - until a sequel to the original was announced in 2017. It's been relatively quiet since then, but now Rebellion has shared a cinematic of what to expect. Find out more in the trailer below.

The core premise of Evil Genius 2 looks to be the same as the original. The player needs to coordinate their villainous schemes to take over the world from their secret lair, slowly growing their power and upgrading their base as they gain more and more power. Games that put players into the role of the antagonist from a management perspective often find a good following, with a prime example being the Dungeon Keeper series.

The first Evil Genius did this with a blend of simulation gameplay and that of real-time strategy, and Evil Genius 2 looks clear to follow suit. Should the game be able to combine that addictive gameplay with a little bit of cartoonish, Bond villain humor then it's likely that Evil Genius 2 is going to be well-received by fans. Since no new games in the series have been available since the closure of the free-to-play Evil Genius Online in 2017, a high quality Evil Genius game is bound to go down well.

That said, there may be some time before Evil Genius 2 arrives. The trailer was cinematic in nature, and so no gameplay was available, and for now there's no specific release date or even a release window. Hopefully, these details will be confirmed before too long, with some gameplay footage as well.